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Ttc fired bus driver shown running red light on video. Doubtfire and browsing youtube while barreling down a. I know the inside story, the scoop, the down low dirt of what it takes to be a bus driver, how to handle kids and adults, and how to survive on the streets so to speak. Cleveland bus driver fired after delivering an uppercut to. Genesee county wjrt 2112020 a genesee intermediate school district school bus driver is off the job and charged with assaulting a. Calgary transit driver jesse rau fired over pride bus. Stan, the rutgers lx bus driver that we all know and love has recently resigned from his position. Long island bus driver fired after rescuing 3 nassau. Stan the motivational lx bus driver from rutgers university. There is a facebook page called lx bus driver where students rave about the impression hes made on them. It doesnt matter what kind of day im having when i see him, because i always walk off that bus feeling like a champion.

Rutgers university bus driver fired after praying with student. Bus driver fired, charged after violent attack on special needs student. The ttc workers union says a bus driver fired for running a red light and almost hitting a pedestrian last week should be reinstated. Bus company officials say stan mcneil resigned over safety violation. Vta bus driver fired for racist comment the marthas.

See video, provided by the family, of the driver on her phone while driving. Rutgers university bus driver fired for praying, laying. School bus driver fired after leaving student on bus in freezing. Bus driver gets fired for writing an honest facebook postabout a studentthat goes viral by editors pick. Stan mcneil has been motivating, inspiring, and reassuring students of their potential ever since he started his job as a bus driver two years ago. New jersey media sources reported that stan mcneil, who drove bus for. Rutgers students rally for beloved bus driver who says he lost his job. School bus driver fired after racking up 37 complaints. Stan is a beacon of hope to all the passengers who ride his lx bus, wrote a student on the petition website. But the driver, stan mcneil, says he was actually fired over a simple. Heres a link to the original post when the photo first appeared in february and to a post from thursday about the firing original post.

She complains about us to her boss about how bad we r. Varneys most successful lead role was in the lwt sitcom on the buses 196973 as bus driver stan butler. Mohamed wasuge had at least 11 traffic violations before mondays crash. Jesse rau, the bus driver who said he would quit his job with calgary transit if forced to drive the citys pride bus because of his religious beliefs, has been fired. A bus driver for milwaukee public schools has been fired for not pulling over or breaking up a major bus fight that appeared to involve middleschool students attacking a girl last week. The local transport service, which goes by the acronym stan. Antigay bus driver fired for spraying lesbians the local. Video surfaced recently of a fight between a teen and a wisconsin bus driver, who was fired for the incident. A bus driver is jobless after she was recorded texting on the job. The page has over 7,000 likes, and calls mcneil the most inspirational, supportive and reassuring person many of. A massachusetts bus driver has been fired for telling a wouldbe passenger that he wasnt picked up because hes black. Ok so my bus driver is a real she yells at us for everything.

This item was first reported on the unsuck dc metro blog. Rutgers students rally around bus driver who says he lost. A substitute bus driver in lebanon, indiana was fired last week after the district says she pulled over on the side of the interstate and allowed two strangers onto the bus to scold a child. Rutgers university bus driver claims he was fired for. In his first appearance since resigning from his position last week, stan mcneil, the renowned lx bus driver known for his inspirational speeches given enroute to bus stops, claims he was forced to resign by his former employer after laying hands on and praying for a student in a wheelchair the video, created by a film company called rootofallgood, shows mcneil comfortable and. Theres at least 16 shitty things at rutgers, and were here to rank em.

A portrait of stan completed for a college documentary film making course. Jacksonville, fl video obtained released wednesday shows a routine bus ride on jacksonvilles westside back in may descend into panic as gunfire rings out, wounding two students inside. A bus driver was caught on camera watching more than the road viewing clips of classics like mrs. Im not trying to flame, or get support, i mean she really needs to burn in the deepest regions of dentes inferno. The strange incident began when the bus driver was stopped by a patrol officer along central avenue in lower southampton for allegedly running a.

We took a look at the photo and were able to conduct an investigation, said. Instead, he said he was fired for helping three police officers stranded in a violent storm and. Rutgers university bus driver claims he was fired for praying for disabled student bus company officials say stan mcneil resigned over safety violation november, 20 at 1. Stan mcneil, a former rutgers university bus driver known for offering words of inspiration to his passengers, is the subject of the pilot episode of weirdu, a series jon zucker and alex bigelisen pitched as a part of their internships at viacom. According to john karakoglou of rutgers university department of transportation services, he was not fired but left because of personal issues with first transit, the company that runs the universitys bus. Stan mcneil, the renowned lx bus driver known for his inspirational. Ms tam, 47, of parkinson, had been a casual trainee bus driver at the richlands bus depot for two and a half years, when she left the note requesting a particular bus for a friend and colleague at. T driver stops for cell call, loses job borrowed phone but violated ban an mbta bus driver was fired after he was seen on a surveillance tape making a prohibited cellphone call. Des moines public schools fired a bus driver monday after a student videotaped the driver texting while driving a school bus, a school district spokeswoman confirmed. Minnesota resident edward nathaniel iii pictured, a pastor of two churches who moonlighted as a school bus driver, was allegedly fired last week, after leading children in. The marthas vineyard transit authority says the exchange was caught on. Marthas vineyard bus driver fired after telling man he.

A school bus driver in georgia lost his job because of a facebook post about one students lunch money. Charita headley was fired months ago from her job as. A palm tran bus driver has been fired after a violent incident happened between him and a passenger. The fedex truck had apparently pulled out in front of the bus, and oconnor, who was behind the bus at that point, said the bus driver had pulled onto the double yellow lines a few times.

Stan mcneil was a bus driver for rutgers and instead of having his riders just sit there and listen to their ipods or text away on their phones, stan would give motivational speeches during the rides. Stan our man the legendary lx bus driver will be on campus for one of the first times since his departure on march 5th for the 2016 mark. School bus driver fired for letting strangers on board. However, varney was not insured so lwt had to employ professional. Mbta bus driver fired over use of cellphone the boston globe. I put my hand on her and i prayed, the driver, stan mcneil, said in a youtube video posted earlier this week. Minnesota school bus driver fired after leading kids in. Stan mcneil, the universitys most inspirational bus driver, resigned from his post within the last two weeks. Watch former rutgers bus driver stan mcneil explain. The cleveland bus driver seen in a viral video delivering an uppercut to a young girl has been fired, according to the rta. Magic of youtube endows former rutgers bus driver with. School bus driver fired after special needs student left.

Bus driver fired after allowing strangers on bus knxv. Metro has fired a bus driver caught texting in a photo taken by a passenger and posted on a local blog. The vice principle decides to talk to the bus driver not on my behalf but to talk about me, then the vice principle calls the transportation dept. Watch former rutgers bus driver stan mcneil explain his. Driver rode off in bus after being told not to smoke, police say. A public bus driver in northern france was fired after he doused two young. Bus driver fired for describing passengers as spear chuckers. He was a little preachy, but immensely positive and if you got on the bus and you saw him driving, you instantly cracked a smile because you knew you were about to. Video released of bus driver allegedly pushing student. This estimate is based upon 21 sta school bus driver salary reports provided by employees or estimated based upon statistical methods.

Stan our man the legendary lx bus driver will be on campus for one of the first times since his departure on march 5th for the 2016 mark conference. I used to have a blog, feel free to browse it or ask me a question here. The rutgers community is speculating that pressure from the university had to do with his decision. Bus driver gets fired for writing an honest facebook post. With andrew buckner, gabriel hargrove, denise reed. Stan began driving the lx bus at rutgers university in september of. I promise that is not my intensions, i simply what a different bus driver. Mcneil turned a hot dog into a cheeseburger in this screenshot from weirdu. Stan mcneil is beloved among the students who take his route. Stan mcneil, a campus driver whose bus preaching has been the subject of numerous student videos and social media posts, said he was pressured to resign after his bosses learned he. A toronto school bus driver has been fired after reportedly finishing the route last week and leaving a 19yearold girl with special needs on board a bus for roughly six hours. Rutgers university bus driver claims he was fired for praying for. Rutgers students rally for beloved bus driver who says he. The disciples of the arboreal crustacean, lord snipp be his name, are here to deliver the good news of being excellent to one another.

Stan, the lx bus driver, was fired, but he is not blaming. The city department of education fired kalladeen but not before she racked up 37 complaints since 2001, seven of which were substantiated, records show. Students at rutgers university are rallying around a beloved bus driver who says he was fired for praying for a disabled student in a wheelchair. A bus driver working for a company contracted by the edmonton catholic school district has been fired after a grade 8 student was left stranded. Stan the rutgers lx bus driver fired new jersey 101. When i was a freshman in 20, there was a bus driver by the name of lx stan. A central indiana school bus driver has been fired for allowing two strangers to board her bus and scold a student for making. A bus driver quit on the spot friday morning, leaving a bus with students on it behind, according to police and the neshaminy school district. Pair of bus drivers sacked for praying with students the. Updated july a vineyard transit authority vta bus driver was fired after refusing to pick up a man who is black, the bus service said thursday in a prepared statement. Stan the lx driver is coming back to rutgers the tab. Video shows fight between wisconsin bus driver and teen. Another bus driver has apparently paid the price for praying with one of his passengers. The video, taken from three surveillance cameras, shows several students leaning out of windows at one point.

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