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This itinerary takes us through the western region of iran to visit hamadan, final resting place of avicenna, the father of modern medical philosophy he wrote the book of healing a philosophical and scientific encyclopedia, and the canon of medicine a medical encyclopedia, kermanshah, a. Journey to susa and chogha zanbil iran travel tips. Susa was one of the political, economic and cultural centres of elam, anshan and almost the entire near eastern world. Iran is a remarkable travel destination, it is so diverse in many aspects that almost anybody will love an iranian travel. Our iran tour packages have gathered all you are looking for, whether your iran travel is an excursion to visit iran ancient history and the remains of a 2500 years old persian empire in shiraz, or your persia travel is focused on visiting a more recent and 400 year old safavid dynasty in.

At susa, the ancient capital of the kings of persia. Hike among the castles of the assassins in alamut valley, lose yourself in esfahans historic bazaar, or ski in the alborz mountains all. Lonely planet iran is your passport to the most relevant, uptodate advice on what to see and skip, and what hidden discoveries await you. Susa was the ancient capital of the elamite empire. Alexander the great made use of the royal road in his invasion and conquest of the persian empire. Today we will have a fullday excursion to choghazanbil, to visit the ziggurat built by untash gal, king of elam, about 1250 b. Susa archives travel agency in iran iran destination. Susa, capital of elam susiana and administrative capital of the achaemenian king darius i and his successors from 522 bce.

But dont worry expedia is the home of the best luxury getaways and cheap vacations. The tomb of daniel is the traditional burial place of the biblical prophet daniel. The remains of the ancient city of susa have so many stories to recall to the visitors. Dont try to bring in any magazines or books that might offend strict islamic. Susa built by elamites an then adopted by achaemenid persian and. Even for the intrepid traveler who tours iran, the ancient persian capital of susa often gets left off the itinerary. Cover of iran travel guide lonely planet shop cover of middle east. Susa, with more than 200,000 populations, is located in khuzestan province, where the genial people of it are the most hospitable ones in the world. Susa was one of the oldest cities in the world and part of the site is still inhabited as shush, khuzestan province, iran. Alessandro magno percorse litinerario del corteo delle nazioni, le delegazioni che tutti i popoli della persia mandavano ad onorare il. Susa iran tour travel agents tours visa flight hotels in.

Susa and the more immediately appealing ziggurat at chogha zanbil are missing a crucial experience of iran. Shushan is located in the lower zagros mountains, around 250 kilometres 160 miles east of the tigris river and between the kharkeh and dez rivers. Susa to modane one way to travel via train, plane, and bus. Ancient ruins of susa, iran unesco in the bible, the city is known primarily from the story of esther in which haman the agagite planned to annihilate the jews of persia. Susa, also called shushan, greek susiane, modern shush, capital of elam susiana and administrative capital of the achaemenian king darius i and his successors from 522 bce. Susa is protected as a national monument and falls under the responsibility of the ichhto which protects and manages the property through its susa base. Susa the babylonian captivity with map bible history. Based on archaeological data, the early settlement of humans in this area dates back to 7000 years ago. Facts photos location description things to see videos province.

In addition, susa has a wpsl team that plays in the largest womens league in the world. The ancient city was also known as susa, the name shushan deriving from the persian word shush, the hebrew variant of which isshushan. Academy ages 58 to our preacademy ages 911, and academy teams ages1218. Susa was among the greatest cities of ancient persia. Get to the heart of iran with one of lonely planets indepth, awardwinning guidebooks.

According to the story, esther outwitted him by persuading her husband, king ahasuerus of persia, to sabotage hamans plan. Susa was the capital of the elamite empire before being captured by the assyrians. Susa ancient city travel to iran visit iran through. If you want to travel to iran, we stand for finding and selecting the best iran tours and iran experiences. The bible mentions three people in relation to susa. Regulations for the property and its buffer and landscape zones have been incorporated into the planning instruments as prevailing norms. There are 3 ways to get from susa to bhiwandi by train or plane. Narrative of travel through western persia and excavations made at the site of the lost city of the lilies, 1884. In addition to the top level of womens soccer, susa also has.

Heroine who saved the jewish people chapter 2 ancient near eastern art history 480 with. Iran tour packages book best of iran tours in 2019. Although an englishman, w k loftus was the first archaeologist, in 1852, unquestionably to identify the modern shush with the classical susa and the biblical shushan, it is. Looking for exceptional deals on susa vacation packages. A swing to the west, through the beautiful zagros mountains, brings you to the city. The modern iranian town of shush is located on the site of ancient susa. The remains of a spectacular sculpture in susa, iran. As you may know, khuzestan is a part of the country of elam, which means that it has a very ancient history. Susa is further mentioned in the book of jubilees 8. This short trip to one of the world oldest civilizations is a mixture of historical sites of susa and shushtar and cultural experiences. Excavations have uncovered evidence of continual habitation dating back to 4395 bce but that early community grew from an even older one dating back to c. C the massive manmade mound was the focal point of his city of dur untashi, and was dedicated to the great god inshushinak, lord of susa symbolized by the form of a bull. It was located at the foot of the zagros mountains near the bank of the karkheh kur choaspes river in the khuzistan region of iran the archaeological site, identified in 1850 by w.

Im pretty into travel, despite having an empty wallet most of the time, and i often come across photography that is quite stunning, so i thought id share this latest article ive found the article features some of the oldest cities in the world, along with some background information and. Fullday excursion to choghazanbil, to visit the ziggurat built by untash gal, king of elam, about 1250 b. See more ideas about achaemenid, ancient persia, persian empire. We go to shushsusa area visiting tchogha zanbil zigurat, achamenian. Touring ziggurat dur untash was made in the elamite dynasty by the order of untash napirisha the king. With a supreme history, iran acts as a live museum with numerous valuable objects and museums around the country. It is nowadays located in the iranian city of shush in the southwest of the. The property embraces a group of archaeological mounds rising on the eastern side of the shavur river, while the ardeshirs palace is situated on the opposite side of the river. If you would like to plan or want to travel to iran and its borders, please be careful as you. History lovers will find it hard to get enough of iran, architecture lovers will have a hard time choosing which cities to visit, nature lovers can enjoy the snow in one day and the sunbathe the next day and cultural lovers surely come back again and again. Susa was one of royal cities during the persian empire. Probably, shahre sukhte is the only ancient city of iran that is comparable to the ancient city of susa from historical point of view. Ancient city of susa iran travel, tour to iran, iran.

In bronze age, there has been trade exchange between the ancient city of jiroft and shahre sukhte. The ancient city of susa is one of the significant property in iran and one of the most important cities of the ancient near east which inscribed by unesco in 2015. History of ancient susa susa was an ancient city of the elamite, persian and parthian empires of iran, located about 150 miles east of the tigris river in khuzestan. Apadana palace, persepolis, iran an apadana persian. It is a 6000yearold city and the concentration of zurvanism belief. One of the oldest settlements of the region, mentioned in the bible and the book of jubilees, susa is where the first recorded war of the history happened in the battle of the sumerian king enembara with elamites in susa in 2700 bce. Iransusa tourists are flocking to iran here are 18. Susa ancient city iran travel agency iran tour operator. I had traveled to khuzestan in my childhood, but this time i went to khuzestan to travel to the ancient history and civilization of iran.

If you travel toward the seas of southern iran and the fascinating persian gulf, you can find susa at the foot of the zagros mountains. Hike among the castles of the assassins in alamut valley, lose yourself in esfahans historic bazaar, or ski in the alborz mountains all with your trusted travel companion. In the travel book walpoles memoirs of the east around the year 1800, william ouseley described the tomb of daniel in shush as being located in a most beautiful spot, washed by a clear running stream and shaded by planes and other trees of ample foliage it has at all times been customary with the. Find the top 100 most popular items in amazon books best sellers. Download tasteiran 2020 guidebook for traveling to iran. It was located at the foot of the zagros mountains near the bank of the karkheh kur choaspes river in the khuzistan region of iran. One of the countrys newest world heritage sites added in 2015, susa comprises the remains of a settlement that was founded around 4200 bce, but abandoned in 1218. Looking for exceptional deals on meanadisusa vacation packages. A great day trip from shushtar is the unesco world. Works of art belonging to neolithic era which are over 0 years old have been found in ganj dareh district near kermanshah. Accommodations in susa are hard to come by at times. Khuzestan travel guide private cheap tours around ahwaz by. Discover the best iran travel guides in best sellers.

Jona lendering capital of elam, favorite residence of the persian king darius i the great. The ancient city of susa in iran is a worldwide treasure. Shosh, the capital of the elamites, which was also the capital of the achaemenids, was the city where i spent most of the time. Shush is identified as shushan, mentioned in the book of. The ancient city of susa is one of the significant property in iran and one of the most. With more than three thousand years of documented history, iran culture is as diverse as it is rich. I am ashkan, an iranian tour guide officially licensed from irans cultural heritage. Shush is identified as shushan, mentioned in the book of esther and other biblical. Susa fc is long islands largest soccer academy with soccer programs ranging from happy feet ages 24 and jr. We should take zagros mountain range and the elamites into consideration when talking about the formation of iran civilization. Iran holds poor aviation safety record, especially after an ukrainian passenger plane was shot down by the iranian military that mistook it for an enemy military. It is bordered by iraq to the west, turkey, azerbaijans naxcivan enclave, armenia, and azerbaijan to the northwest, turkmenistan to the northeast, afghanistan and pakistan to the east.

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