Cancer gastrico pdf 2014

Gastric cancer is one of the main causes of mortality. Cancer of the stomach and gastroesophageal junction. Risk factors associated to the development this one disease are the infection by helicobacter pylori, tobacco addiction, high ingestion of salt and factors related to the diet. To reduce gastric cancer mortality, prevention is the critical approach for improvement of gastric prognosis. Niederhuber je, armitage jo, doroshow jh, kastan mb, tepper je, eds. Dec 19, 2014 gastric cancer is an aggressive disease that continues to have a daunting impact on global health. Recommendations for the diagnosis and care of gastric cancer are presented. Only in developed oriental countries japan, south korea there are screening programs for early detection, that have shown decreased mortality rates from this disease. Departamento manejo integral del cancer y otros tumores.

Sorafenib, sunitinib, apatinib, antiangiogenicos y cancer gastrico en 2014. Esmo has clinical practice guidelines on the following gastrointestinal cancers. Actualizacion del diagnostico y tratamiento del cancer. Angiogenesis como diana terapeutica en cancer gastrico anticuerpos monoclonales. Gastric cancer gc is highly prevalent in chile, with a mortality rate of 20100.

Clinical practice guidelines on gastrointestinal cancers. The american cancer society is a qualified 501c3 taxexempt organization. Survival benefit of postoperative adjuvant chemotherapy by combination of s1 and another cytotoxic drug, including oxaliplatin, will have to be proven by a randomized trial with s1 monotherapy as a control. However, oxaliplatin has not been approved for gastric cancer in japan as of 2014. Comprehensive cancer information national cancer institute. Feb 12, 2016 in china, gastric cancer is the third most common cancer after lung cancer, liver cancer in men and lung cancer, breast cancer in women, and the third leading cause of cancer related death. American cancer society, american society for colposcopy and cervical pathology, and american society for clinical pathology screening guidelines for the prevention and early detection of cervical cancer. Comprehensive molecular characterization of gastric. In mexico, the gastric cancer represents the fourth cause of death by cancer between men and the fifth among women.

Gastric cancer treatment pdq health professional version. The level of evidence and the power of the recommendations were expressed using the grade system. Gastric cancer is the leading cause of death from malignancy in chile. Worldwide, it is the second neoplasia in incidence after lung cancer. Japanese gastric cancer treatment guidelines 2014 ver. Comprehensive cancer information national cancer institute skip to main content. The nccn guidelines panel for cervical cancer screening endorses the following guidelines for the prevention and early detection of cervical cancer.

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