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Rt systems radio programming software for the pofung uv5r the baofeng company changed its name to pofung. It does not allow you to save frequencies properly and in the option menu it also does not store what you want. The bao5r radio programmer is available for either windows os or mac os. Discussion in ham radio discussions started by wa6mhz, apr 12, 2012. To communicate with the crew enroute to the call or on scene. The manual is useless as it does not say how to programme the handie. Baofeng uv5r programming on linux about a year ago i purchased a baofeng uv5r as my first dualband handheld radio. Of course, chirp is a great solution, provided you have a computer. I hope this information helps other radio amateurs understand and successfully program the baofeng uv5r. Baofeng uv5r walkie talkie 2 way radio with one more.

The rt systems software for a particular baofeng radio baoxxx works for the same model radio labeled as pofung i. Uv5r the uv5r is a 4w1w vhfuhf radio covering 6174 and 400520 mhz early versions 400480 with a 7. Uv5r radio software rt systems radio programming software. Im very new to baofengs and amateur radio in general, but i got myself a uv5r to try to listen locally.

Miklor software, drivers, guides and faqs for baofeng and other chinese radios. There is a certain thing about baofeng products that always gets us excited here. The uv5r has seen 2 major changes since its launch with the second generation being signified by bfb297 firmware 2nd gen. Uv5r programmer lies within system utilities, more precisely device assistants. The baofeng uv5r is one of the most popular dual band handheld two way. Choose the com port number for the usb cable, the vendor baofeng and the model of the radio such as uv5r from the drop down lists in. Easy to setup with included usb data cable and the free chirp software to. Baofeng bff8hp vip programming software baofeng uv82 and uv82x series baofeng bff8 and uv5r series. Baofeng radio us is the authorized distributor of baofeng products, introducing new range of baofeng radios. First thing i changed it put a dual band 19 inch long antenna. How to program a baofeng radio with chirp software with. The usb interface programming cable allows you to plan your twoway radio from your computer. With display function menu user can setting the uv5r radio by keypad quickly, also can use program software setting by compputer reasonable price is the ham radio user and businesser user top choice.

Two way radio forum a public support forum for all types of two way radios, including the baofeng uv5r and its variants. Pl2303 usb driver support win xp win7 win8 20170607. Being a newbie to the ham radio hobby, i didnt want to invest several hundred or even thousands of dollars just starting out. Rt systems bao5r programming software makes it easy to manage memory channel information and other menu settings of the baofengpofung uv5r and uv5ra hts. Vhfuhf dual band 5 watt radio 128 programmable channels includes lithium ion 1800 mah. How to install the baofeng usb programming cable and software. The baofeng uv 5r is dual band and most certainly does cover murs, which is an acceptable choice if you want a commercial walkie talkie to be able to talk to an amateur radio. Black interface cable for kenwood twopinribless design rib box not required. Baofeng uv5r two way ham radio dual band 6174400520mhz 5w walkie talkie us. Win7 usb interface programming cable for baofeng uv5r uv. So far there have been no changes to the radios other than the company name. All of these radios require programming to work together. Buy 2pack baofeng uv5r dualband 6174400480 mhz ham twoway radio.

Baofeng uv5r plus walkie takie professional amateur. Just got back from the post office and i am most tickled to report the uv5r is here. Use the baofeng walkie talkie to contact with the other ham radio user or your companion. Baofeng bf888s walkie talkie 2pcs in one box with rechargeable battery headphone wall charger long range 16 channels two way radio 2pcs radios 4. Chirp chirp is free and open source programming software for many makes and models of radios, including baofeng. Baofeng uv5r radio walkie talkie programming software. Baofeng baofeng dm5r plus dual band dmr digital radio. The baofeng uv5r is dual band and most certainly does cover murs, which is an acceptable choice if you want a commercial walkietalkie to be able to talk to an amateur radio. I uploaded the win7 device drivers to the files section of the uv3r yahoo group, so join that group and they are there. The size of the latest downloadable installation package is 2. Usb programming cable for baofeng walkie talkie uv5r. Baofeng uv5r the transceiver is a microminiature multiband fm transceiver with extensive receive frequency coverage, providing localarea twoway amateur communications along with unmatched monitoring capability. What range can i reasonably expect using a baofeng uv5r.

New listing car charger wire cable cord 2 way radio for baofeng walkie uv5r tguv2 thuvf1. Ham radio crash course baofeng uv5r family radio programming and settings part 1 duration. Bao5rusb description hide available for either windows os or mac os. With your radio turned off, connect your radio to your computer using the baofeng uv5r. Baofeng uv5r programming with chirp software or keypad. First, the retevis rt5r is nothing more than a relabeled baofeng uv5r, which can operate on both uhf and vhf frequencies. These radios are workhorses that should exceed the needs of almost all small to medium local radio use cases. Eventually ill have done my reading, get licensed, and have the money to invest in a better setup, but for now i have a few questions about the function of the radio to which i havent found answers online. Programming with computer and software is easier, but has its problems. I only needed one radio, but for the price of the programming cable you get a. Even though it is for a uv3r, the device driver is the same for the 3 and 5. This works for all firmware versions, but tdr must be set to off on firmware versions bfb251 and lower. Note that i havent programmed it yet, as im still waiting on the cable to come in. Dual band vhf uhf handheld transceiver category is a curation of 14 web resources on, baofeng mic pin out and programming cable schematics, uv5r keypad and functions, baofeng uv5r mod.

Baofeng uv 5r portable wireless walkie talkie gearbest. Software will not work with the btech uv5x3, the baofeng uv5r3, uv5x mate uv82, bff8 or bff8hp radios. The programming software is called chirp, and it is freely available online. Review baofeng uv5r part ii today i went to my friend tom pa2tsl, who owns a complete man cave filled with topoftheline test equipment. Baofeng support your home page for everything baofeng. Baofeng walkie talkie uv5r dual band two way radio with one more. Buy 2pack baofeng uv5r dualband 6174400480 mhz ham twoway.

Twoway radio to connect it directly to a pc or laptop via usb interface, no additional adapter option requires. This thread has been linked to from another place on reddit. Users have reported that this download is compatible with the indicated operating systems but an x. Baofeng dm5r plus dual band dmr digital radio walkie taklie vhf uhf transceiver two way radio compatible with for motorola tier ii dmr. A video i made on how to programme the baofeng uv5r with chirp software and also how to solve usbcom port issues.

The baofeng uv5r is a good, reliable, and inexpensive dual band walkietalkie that is commercial grade. Tone calling private line is required by most repeater applications and the uv5r supports the latest standards. Baofeng baofeng bfr6 ip67 waterproof uhf two way radio. I have had some comments wondering what accessories they should get with a handheld such as the baofeng uv5r. And have a question about the baofeng walkie talkie uv 5r5 has a backup radio as a volunteer firefighter. This article explains a stepbystep approach this article shows how to create a custom cable for interfacing a baofeng ht with an android phone but should be sufficient for figuring out the wiring for the usb sound card so you can. How to manually program the baofeng uv5r from the keypad. Are these radios junk or compatible to the motorola.

Our antivirus analysis shows that this download is safe. Baofeng walkie talkies and two way radios for sale in. The baofeng uv5r supports the most common analog tones. An exception is the uv5rx3 radio being sold by main trading from paris texas. If youre stuck with frsgmrs then thats fine too, frs is also licencefree but gmrs is not. Programming software rss for the baofeng uv5r series of portable radios notes. The uv5r is great to have on hand, especially for blackouts, camping trips, and other scenarios involving unreliable cellular service. Baofeng also sells multiple versions of the uv5r, with varying specs, including an older model that contains a 3,800 mah battery. Win7 usb interface programming cable for baofeng uv5r uv5r dm5r. Baofeng uv5r dual band vhfuhf analog portable twoway radio. The uv5r has forty menu items, i have only covered the critical ones to ensure successful manual programming. Programming your baofeng uv5r radio chirp software. Rt systems radio programming software for the pofung uv5r.

After a complete charge, the uv5r was connected to the hp 8590a spectrum analyzer, combined with a 30db attenuator, the hp 8498a. All information, software, etc is provided in good faith and at your risk. How to programme baofeng uv5r driver issues solved youtube. Baofeng a58s walkie talkie uhf vhf 220260mhz triband 8w waterproof two way radio price. Chirp voor baofeng uv5r op linux of windows 10 one guy.

Program software for baofeng uv5r windows 64 bit vip version. Program software for baofeng uv 5r windows 64 bit vip version. Original baofeng upgraded version of twoway radio walkie talkie fm function original. Baofeng uv5r programming if you need the program,please leave a message. Baofeng radio us the official baofeng us distributor. Add your own frequencies by following this simple guide. Xpost from rnostupidquestions if you follow any of the above links, respect the rules of reddit and dont vote. Baofeng baofeng walkie talkie uv5r5 radioreference.

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