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This allowed music stores that were not fender dealers to carry rhodes pianos, without an obligation to. More information order fender rhodes damper center pin. Based on the fender rhodes suitcase, fender rhodes mk i and mk ii stage pianos, wurlitzer 200a and hohner pianett, velvet accurately emulates the sound quality, developer. Pickups often had a green bobbin wire also found in red around 4 long. You already know that most software, and even hardware, based on samples falls well short of the mark. I own several keyboards including a yamaha motif es7, nord stage 2, hammond xk5, roland xp80, roland d110, fender rhodes mark ii, roland axsynth. The rhodes mk iii ek10 was a combination electric piano and synthesizer, introduced in. The famous fender rhodes mark ii stage 73 electric piano. Download here superrhodes samples collection vol3 samples library exclusively sampled from the legendary rhodes stage mark v vintage. Fender rhodes sounds 14 most recent oldest shortest duration longest duration any length 2 sec 2 sec 5 sec 5 sec 20 sec 20 sec 1 min 1 min all libraries bobby cole 0. Service manuals fender rhodes, wurltizer, vintage vibe. Fender rhodes 1972 stage piano restored by vintage vibe duration. Additionally, velvet features a pallet of onboard effects and allows you to control every aspect. Here ive created a special collection of riffs, loops and musical pieces all done with one instrument a mark ii fender rhodes.

From 1970 1981, rhodes put out the mark i stage piano, which was modified several times over the 1970s, and the mark ii stage piano. The action of a rhodes is not as refined as an acoustic piano and a lot of people through the years have complained about the action being too heavy or sluggish but you can set them up well if you know what youre doing and the response of the rhodes action to your playing is a large part of the sound in terms of the mellow sound or bark of. Service manual the 1979 rhodes service manual covers repair and maintenance procedures for virtually all rhodes piano models including the ones produced in the 1980s. Rhodes mark i 19751979 sometime in 1974, cbs musical instruments decided to drop the fender name from the rhodes line of products, in order to establish rhodes as its own brand.

Secure transactions and shipping protection dedicated team of gear experts. Fender rhodes mark ii 1981, seventhy three, wooden keys. The instrument evolved from rhodes attempt to manufacture pianos to teach recovering soldiers during world war ii under a strict budget, and development continued throughout the 1940s and 1950s. Heres my top 5 software recreations of the rhodes electric piano, in no particular order. I dont think that youll find too many people lugging these around to gigs anymore, but its still an awesome electric piano for use in the studio or otherwise. The fender rhodes is a very famous electric piano from the 80s, especially the stage mark ii model. Fender started marketing the piano bass, a cutdown version of the piano, but the fullsize instrument did not appear until after the sale to cbs in 1965. There other pianos in the series seem to be used more for specific sounds and tastes, but they are mostly purchased. The mark v stage 88 was pictured in brochures at the time, but it was never actually for sale.

Soon i got me an upright piano and played intensively in a couple of years several hours a day. Dec 25, 2015 centered on the fender rhodes mk i and mk ii stage pianos, wurlitzer 200a, fender rhodes suitcase, and hohner pianett, velvet accurately imitates the response, tones, and sound quality of each unique instrument to bring your piano tracks to life. After cbs bought fender in 1965, management concentrated on increasing production and reducing. Here you will find instructions for tuning the piano, adjusting the action and setting key volume levels, along with electrical schematics and a historical overview of the.

Repairing a fender rhodes stage mark ii 1981 gearslutz. Its lived a good percentage of its life in the salty coastal air and will continue to do so. The rhodes piano also known as the fender rhodes piano or simply fender rhodes or rhodes is an electric piano invented by harold rhodes, which became popular in the 1970s. Mrray73 by gsi electric piano vst plugin kvr audio plugins. Famous artists such as stevie wonder, herbie hancock have made numerous famous tracks using the fender rhodes. Rhodes early design harpaction assembly exploded view 2. It featured 88 weighted keys, molded allplastic hammers, bass boost and volume controls, and a mono output. Pictures and images fender rhodes mark ii stage piano. Fender rhodes piano is the most famous electromechanical piano in the history. Fender rhodes jazz wav download fender rhodes jazz 140 and over 8000 other free wav sounds and mp3 samples. Jul 15, 2016 and this follows on into software versions its a standard sound. Rhodes mark 7 new artist videos and voicing tutorial from.

Its a great time to upgrade your home music studio gear with the largest selection at. Its usually referred to by its short title, from left to right. Fender rhodes piano mark v stage 73 vintage s by iva. In the following months, they carefully crafted each and every composition, added additional elements and gave the entire pack a cohesive sound. Based on the fender rhodes suitcase, fender rhodes mk i and mk ii stage pianos, wurlitzer 200a and hohner pianett, velvet accurately emulates the sound quality, response, and nuances of each original instrument to bring your piano tracks to life. It has built in speakers as well as outputs if you want to send this to an amp or direct and also has a built in tremolo effect. A rhodes resource site with links, history etc, and has now merged with the rhodes help desk rhodes rehab. In the background the fender rhodes mark ii with the yamaha cs5 synthesizer on top. The rhodes mark ii stage 88 was manufactured between 1979 and 1983, back when cbs decided to drop the fender name from their rhodes electric pianos. The rhodes suitcase piano was updated with a sleek black design, a removable music rack, and a flat harp cover for supporting an additional keyboard. What are some great fender rhodes jazz albumsgroups. Download lagu geratis fender rhodes mark 1 stage piano reverb demo video 1. In my spare time i make music synth, hammond, fender rhodes, try to improve my mixing skills, and recently started writing my own compositions. Mar 15, 2010 of course, youll pick up an old fender rhodes mark i in need of some tlc for approx.

The rhodes mark ii stage 73 is an electric piano designed for portability, hence the name. Images fender rhodes mark ii stage piano audiofanzine. But sometimes when a manufacturer focuses on recreating the feel, heart and soul of this classic electric piano whether mark i, mark ii, stage or suitcase magic can happen. Fender rhodes piano fan page public group facebook. The start of every composition was a chord progression played on a 73key fender rhodes mark 1 stage piano. Can you recommend some songs that have a rhodes tone. It featured a lighter body and a 73key keybed with action that could allow for better dynamics. It was built in 1982 and has its very own special character, a little quirky here and there and i love it. We modeled both the fender rhodes suitcase piano and stage pianoincluding separate 1973 and 1974 models of the stage in order to capture the difference in their components. Lineup musicians alfio costa hammond m100, leslie 125, leslie simse space master, minimoog, mellotron m400sm, fender rhodes mark ii, piano kurzweil sp76, fursteinfarfisa piano, analog sinth korg ms10, hammondsuzuki xb2, harmonium and vst instruments moog modular, synthoscar, arp2600, pro5, minimonsta, ivory piano, colossus etc. Using a table saw, shave off the desired amount from the top surface of each block, approximately 116 11. Skippystudio skippy studio free listening on soundcloud. The fender rhodes mark i stage 73 is an electric piano that like the name states has 73 keys and has become a classic instrument. Deliver may be possible within reasonable distance of london.

Fender rhodes favorite song with a rhodes tone gearslutz. A website documenting caring for and restoring a fender rhodes piano. See below for some best free fender rhodes vsts read more. Plugins part ii of rhodes comparison vergleich duration. The rhodes mark v stage 73 was the last electric piano manufactured by the rhodes corporation, manufactured between 1984 and 1985. More information order rhodes harp support bracket screw. Heres the link to download it, along with an organ vst, and some other awesome free. Of the mark series ivii, the mark i and ii seem to be the most sought after by pianists. Theres nothing quite like playing a rhodes except playing the stage73 v.

Pickups used during this era were found in early fender rhodes silver sparkle top pianos, some early student models and bass pianos models. Mark ii tend to be a bit cheaper but often play better. Other than an allblack finish, it was identical to the mark i model. The stage73 uses our awardwinning modeling technology to faithfully reproduce the tinebased sound and playing experience of the most loved electric pianos of all time. Ive got a roland rd700 stage piano which has some ok rhodes sounds, plus a fender rhodes mark i stage 88. Like a conventional piano, the rhodes generates sound with keys and hammers, but instead of strings, the hammers strike thin metal tines, which vibrate between an electromagnetic pickup. Im mostly looking for rock stuff, but am open to other suggestions.

It features the biggest names in the music industry discussing how this electric pi. The rhodes piano also known as the fender rhodes piano or simply fender rhodes or rhodes is an electric piano invented by harold rhodes, which became popular in the 1970s like a conventional piano, the rhodes generates sound with keys and hammers, but instead of strings, the hammers strike thin metal tines, which vibrate between an electromagnetic pick. Essential if you plan to do funkjazz, deep house, or any soulul music. The rhodes was sampled di through a radial pro 48 di box, and the signal was routed to a fender deluxe reverb amp, recorded relatively clean through an aea r84 ribbon mic and aea trp preamp. The missing link that was the mark iv has always been a mystery, at least until now the situation at cbs musical instruments in 1981. Rhodes mark iv 1983 this article was contributed by rhodes design engineer mike peterson in november of 2006.

Mar 19, 20 fender rhodes piano mark v stage 73 vintage sound wav sample. The rhodes piano is an electric piano invented by harold rhodes, which became popular in. Wurlitzer, moog, rmi electrapiano and harpsichord, hohner electra, hohner pianet, clavinet, colombia elepian, yamaha cp70cp80. So get it, play it and feel free to build something completely new with the samples, if you want to. Up for you consideration is a vintage fender rhodes electric piano model 73 its portable with the stand seems complete no pedal, or amp it was one ower by an old roady which you can tell by the wear on the case i was told it is in good working order but no way to test, but it will sell to the highest bidder so shes got to go, we own a thrift store so are not a expert in these items so ask. The mark v stage 73 was the only new piano to go into production before the rhodes factory closed its doors forever. Full unlooped soundfont, with 65 samples in 5 velocity layers, sampling at least every 4th white key starting at f1. The fender rhodes is an electromechanical piano, invented by harold rhodes 19102000 during the fifties and later manufactured in a number of models, first in collaboration with fender and after 1965 by cbs the pianos clean tone is what you hear on many essential fender rhodes recordings, but definitely not all of them. Im giving this preset for free in my blog link is above also you ll find. Remove the black harp cover over the harp assem bly by lifting it up from the rear. Vintage rhodes mark time parking meter with keys etc. Download html manual rhodes service manual chapters 1 to 10 zip, 2. Rhodes piano vst audio unit, aax, kontakt sample library. If it should be necessary to tune a note, it may be easily ac complished by following the steps listed below.

Free 88bpm pop rhodes piano loops samples wav download. The fender rhodes story is a compelling new documentary. Fender hwy1 american stratocaster electric guitar custombuilt smr stratocaster gibson les paul studio electric guitar epiphone es335 dot electric guitar ibanez workshop srf705 5 string electric bass 88key fender rhodes mark i 88key fender rhodes mark ii arp quartet analog synth native instruments komplete s61 controller 7 piece tama. Make offer fender rhodes set pedal rod legs made in the usa. There have been a lot of attempts to emulate the fender rhodes. Fender rhodes for sale in uk 60 used fender rhodes.

Setting up the fender rhodes ready for day 4 of album recording. Rhodes mark 7 videos rhodes pianos namm show 20072008. A fender rhodes piano, given some fx, plays some percussive, steady chords, with the implication of a slow funk. Adam monroes mark 73 electric piano was sampled from a 1976 rhodes mark i stage piano. At a loss to know where to get enough pianos, rhodes hit upon the brilliant idea of using airforce surplus parts from u. Currently i play in a band composing its own music. This is my second soundfont, an improved sampling of my 1977 rhodes mark i stage 73 piano. It contains the bulk of the metal, and hence corrosion. There are mallet noises, wooden noises, metallic artifacts and changes of volume for each single note.

A good percentage of the work in getting the rhodes piano restored is in the harp. During world war ii after the battle of the bulge, the air surgeon general asked rhodes, by now americas most popular piano teacher, to devise a musical therapy program for convalescing gis. What is an affordable keyboard that sounds very realistically. Playing the fender rhodes electric piano and the steinway piano. What more can be said about this amazing instrument we call the rhodes. From chick corea to daft punk, this piano is at the top from the 1965. Rhodes 1910 2000, and widely used in almost all musical genres ranging from soulblack music to jazz, blues, modern and pop. The only difference between mark i and mark ii is the mark ii s have a flat topslightly different aesthetic. Rhodes mark v 1984 improvisation by marcin grochowina. This is the sampled version of my fender rhodes mark ii seventy three. Or at least something like a wurli or other keyboard that might sound cool with a rhodes. Fender rhodes pickup wiring diagram fender rhodes tine cutting chart reference photos fender rhodes bass piano fender rhodes silver sparkle top fender rhodes mk. In 1959, fender began marketing the piano bass, a cutdown version. Exclusive samples and sounds for keyboards yamaha motif xf, xs, es, korg kronos, sampler esx24, kontakt.

Sep 03, 20 playing around on my fender rhodes mark ii seventy three. This was the first year they say rhodes instead of fender rhodes, but they were still using the wood keys that year. I think the rhodes sounds sweet with the small stone phaser. This amazing keyboard has become a staple in all music, and really struck a chord pun intended with a lot of us during the 70s soul music era. Suitcase models were still being produced in the mark ii style, with an updated control panel being the only noteworthy improvement. Fender rhodes electronic keyboards for sale in stock ebay.

This version of mrray is characterized by a series of imperfections introduced in order to capture, with the highest possible fidelity, the sound of a mark i. Initially i practiced on my fender rhodes although it is not well suited for classical music. Paypal allows you to pay by credit cards, debit cards, bank transfers and paypal account balances. Lead, pad, bass, pluck, fx, brass, hit, synth strings the main idea of this collection is to propose a variety of synthesizer sounds necessary for any modern production and directly usable. Awesome vintage rhodes mkii stage 73 electric piano. Keyboard waves on facebook research on keyboard waves. Bill evans did an album in 1970 called from left to right. To download your free sample fender rhodes samples library for music production, just paste this link into your web browser.

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