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Jiuzhaigou transportation chengdu,jiuzhaigou chengdu bus. Fargesia nitida jiuzhaigou bamboo originated through collection from jiuzhaigou park, northern sichuan, and a national park in china since 1982 with an elevation range between 6,500 ft. Best working vpn for china how to use whatsapp in china how to use facebook in china how to watch youtube in china. This jiuzhaigou tour includes a hiking day in the isolated zharu valley, a quiet corner of jiuzhaigou national park that few tourists ever visit. Much of what to do at jiuzhaigou is to admire in awe at the wonders of mother nature. Jiuzhaigou trip, shuzheng valley at jiuzhai valley. Very detailed jiuzhaigou travel tips jiuzhaigou county. In the scenic area of jiuzhaigou valley, there is only one restaurant in nuorilang service center, where the average cost of a person for a meal is cny 70 and buffets are offering with the cost ranging from cny 60 to cny. At jiuzhaigou, the lakes are found in a linear chain, where the flow of water is constricted by travertine deposits at relatively regular intervals. Check in at our designated hotel in jiuzhaigou and have dinner in the hotel. Jiuzhaigou valley cina unesco world heritage site youtube. There is no train to jiuzhaigou,so your option is bus or flight left.

The jiuzhaigou valley is a stunning region of northern china known for its colourful mountain lakes and stunning scenery. Videos of jiuzhaigou valley and huanglong scenic and. Jiuzhaigou huanglong airport is the most important transfer hub for tourists who want to visit jiuzhaigou valley and huanglong national park with flight arrival. There are about 108 lakes, 3 famous waterfall groups and anumber of endangered plant and animal species that attract millions of. I would like to know how long is the bus ride from chengdu to jiuzhaigou and whether it is a tough ride. Jiuzhaigou has three valleys naturally formed in a y shape.

Jiuzhaigou valley national park came into being in 1982 and was opened to the public two years later, though the influx of foreign tourists would first begin in earnest a decade later still, or in 1992, when the transportation infrastructure highways and airports was finally in place, which also corresponds to the period when the park was. From the multicolored lakes, to the lush foliage during the autumn. If you love nature, jiuzhaigou national park is one of the best spots to visit in china. Jiuzhaigou valley is located in nanping county, 450 kilometers about 280 miles to the north of chengdu city, sichuan, covers a total area of. The best way to travel from chengdu to jiuzhaigou by bus or by. We discover a kaleidoscope of colour in the remote jiuzhaigou region of chinas sichuan province. He took out a jade sewing needle tube and a string of green gems to the girls, and told them the sewing needle tube was made by their mother, and when they saw the monster, they just need to use the tube against the demon and called out the name of your mother, then the needles would puncture the eye and the heart of the demon. A nature reserve and national park located in the north chinese province of. Jiuzhaigou natural reserve jiuzhaigou county tripadvisor.

Take public bus directely from chengdu to jiuzhaigou is from the west,while you want to from east route,you need. Nuorilang waterfall, shuzheng waterfall, shuzheng lakes or you can walk through this valley until you reach the exit if you have enough time stay at jiuzhaigou for one night. Set in northern sichuan province, jiuzhaigou valley is regarded by many chinese as a place akin to being heaven on earth. Jiuzhaigou travel zharu valley ecotour 4 days sichuan tour.

Pearl beach, panda lake, arrow bamboo lake zechawa valley. Here a picture of five flower lake, a shallow multicolored lake whose bottom is crisscrossed by ancient fallen tree trunks. Sometimes,people also go there by bus in and taking flight out,but good control on time and rearrangement are required 2. It gained its name because there are nine ancient tibetan villages in the valley. Stretching over 72000 ha in the northern part of sichuan province, the jagged jiuzhaigou valley reaches a height of more than 4800 m, thus. Jiuzhaigou, the land of fairy tale, is said to be the most beautiful landscape in sichuan province, which was declared as unesco world heritage site in 1992. One of chinas most famous national parks, jiuzhaigou valley is also recognized as a unesco world heritage site where giant pandas albeit only about 20 still roam the. Hilton relaunches first hotel in picturesque jiuzhaigou, sichuan province.

A trip of 3 or 4 days from chengdu to jiuzhaigou for one person may cost cny 1,0003,000. Today we tour jiuzhaigou national park, also sometimes referred to as jiuzhai valley national park. Activities and things to do in and around jiuzhaigou national park. Jiuzhaigou valley sichuanthe most beautiful lakes in the world full hd duration. Renovated hilton jiuzhaigou resort now open hilton press center. Zharu valley, as indicated in the jiuzhaigou valley scenic and historic interest area article, contains 40% of all of the plant species that exist in presentday china, making it a halfmicrocosm of chinese flora, which, as also previously mentioned, is one of the prime reasons behind unescos designation of jiuzhai valley scenic and historic. It is around a hour away from the airport, half an hour away from jiuzhaigou valley, 2 hours away from huanglong, and 1.

Stretching over 72,000 ha in the northern part of sichuan province, the jagged jiuzhaigou valley reaches a height of more than 4,800 m, thus comprising a series. I stayed at intercontinental resort jiuzhai paradise. To its south is the huanglong yellow dragon scenic area. Jiuzhaigou transportation, how to get to jiuzhaigou from. Five flower lake, jiuzhaigou valley jiuzhaigou valley is. If thinking of traveling from chengdu to jiuzhaigou, use the following. In other words are there interesting things to see along the way if i travel by trainbus. Evening gala show at jiu zhai paradise grand theater 4. Jiuzhaigou valley is possessed with high tour and visual value, as well as scientific value, so it.

We will have five nights and would like to go to huanglong and songpan as well as jiuzhaigou. Our guide will meet you up at the hotel lobby and have half day leisure tour in beijing. Zharu valley is the home of ecotourism in jiuzhaigou. Jiuzhaigou in winter is particularly peaceful, and poetic, the mountains and trees are wrapped in white, waterfalls and lake surfaces are smooth and glittering, ice covers the. Listed on the world heritage list by unesco since 1992, jiuzhaigou offers a number of dazzling features and. Visitors are attracted and go to the jiuzhaigou valley to experience the beauty of the scenic areas for themselves. You can take the parks environmentalfriendly sightseeing vehicle to tour the three main valleys, say the shuzheng valley, rize valley and zechawa valley. About 480 km north of the sichuan provincial capital of chengdu, the 720squarekilometer valley of jiuzhaigou, which ranges from 2,000 to 3,100 meters above sea level, is spread over a yshaped ravine more than 40 kilometers long. The 8th international ice waterfall festival in jiuzhaigou valley.

Jiuzhaigou valley is a nature reserve and national park located in the north of sichuan province, china. Jiuzhaigou valley, eulogized as a world of magical fairytale, has for years enchanted tourists with its mountains and luxuriant forests, colorful lakes, gushing waterfalls and abundant wildlife. Legend of jiuzhaigou, origin of the name of jiuzhaigou. Crystal clear lakes, emerald ponds and ribbony waterfalls draw thousands of visitors each year to. It belongs to the category v protected landscape in.

Car trip was pleasant, gentle mountain and valley scenery and took 1 hour 45 minutes to chuanzhusi. Whether youre looking for a grand adventure or just want to get away for a lastminute break, flights from shenzhen to jiuzhaigou offer the perfect respite. The magnificent scenery of jiuzhaigou valley national park. On the 5day private trip, experience a unique tour schedule to visit jiuzhaigou valley and huanglong from chengdu, and then head back to chengdu or other city after trip. Zharu valley is the fourth tour route of jiuzhaigou. But no need to go all the way to songpan if heading to jzghuanglong.

Lake jianzhuhai jiuzhaigou valley, sichuan, china photo by. The county seat, nanping town, was created in 20 by the merger of yongle town, yongfeng township, and anle township. Jiuzhaigou valley is downstream of a water source that passes through a region of limestone and ancient marine deposits of coral and seashell now uplifted high into the mountains of inland asia. Best highlights to get off the bus and see at each valley. Jiuzhaigou valley china lonely planet forum thorn tree. Chuanzhusi town in songpan county, about 88 km from jiuzhaigou and 43 km from huanglong. To jiuzhai gou, water is the very essence and true spirit, and it is renowned for its crystal. It is also a humanistic tourist route, not only can watch collectors pastoral scenery, but also can take a taste. Travel to jiuzhaigou national park, the fabulous heaven on earth and a super paradise for nature photography.

Entrance ticket and times to visit jiuzhaigou national park. The valley begins at the zharu buddhist monastery and ends at the red, black, and daling lakes. It is known for its many multilevel waterfalls, colorful lakes, and snowcapped peaks. Jiuzhaigou valley, a famous natural reserve and national park located in southwest chinas. Jiuzhaigou valley 2000 x 2000 custom terrain minecraft map. There are buses to jiuzhaigou valley twice every day from chengdu chadianzi bus station and xinnanmen bus station. It is said that if there should be wonderlands on the earth, jiuzhaigou valley must. On your drive you will be able to enjoy the beautiful surroundings of huanglong and jiuzhaigou valley. Jiuzhaigou valley is a nature reserve and national park located in northern sichuan province of southwestern china. The jiuzhaigou valley scenic and historic interest area is a reserve of exceptional natural beauty with spectacular jagged alpine mountains soaring above coniferous forest around a fairyland landscape of crystal clear, strangecoloured blue, green and purplish pools, lakes, waterfalls, limestone terraces, caves and other beautiful features.

Jiuzhaigou valley, lying in jiuzhaigou county, aba tibetan and qiang autonomous prefecture, northwestern sichuan province, is 128 km away from huanglong scenic spot. Jiuzhaigou valley of sichuan province has been crowned as wonderland on earth. The magnificent scenery of jiuzhaigou valley national. During the seven days tour, you will meet unforeseen natural landscape in the minjiang river valley, explore the tibetan style architecture in songpan and visit the spectacular sightseeing in the famous jiuzhai gou scenic area. Flights from chengdu to jiuzhaigou arrangements vary according to the travel season. Jiuzhaigou, huanglong, and songpan buses china lonely. For photographers it truly is a paradise, an endless election of natural landscapes. Admire the magic lakes, watch the beautiful multilevel waterfalls, view the great snowcapped mountains, explore the colorful primitive forests, visit the local tibetan villages, enjoy wonderful culture shows, and sample local ethnic culture and religions.

Usually,if you have tight budger and have enough time,we recommend you go there by bus. Not only does exploring jiuzhaigou provide the chance to make some magical memories, dip into delectable dishes, and tour the local landmarks, but the cheap airfare means you wont. I leave beijing on 18th may to go to xian via datong and pingyao. The hotel and the view are nice, the service is not. Designated an unesco world heritage site in 1992, the region is home to hundreds of endangered species, including the giant panda. Jiuzhaigou, valley of nine villages a quick video tour of beautiful jiuzhaigou, a unesco world heritage site that draws 2. I have been advised to do huanglong as a day trip but there wouldnt be enough time to go on to songpan. Jiuzhaigou planning a trip to the gem of northern sichuan. Jiuzhaigou vacation packages chengdu jiuzhaigou tour. Does anyone have any advice about the jiuzhaigou valley. You may download the appchoices app at to opt out in. Jiuzhaigou valley unesco national park china youtube.

Has anyone been on this route lately and have any recommendations. Train or flight from xian to jiuzhaigou jiuzhaigou. The local tibetan population that is left still maintain their own cultural conditions. The rize valley 17km long and zechawa valley 18km long flow from the south and meet at a confluence where they form the shuzheng valley 15km long in the middle, continuing to flow north to the mouth of the shuzheng valley. Bus from chengdu to jiuzhaigou jiuzhaigou county forum. It is some place i would really love to see when i am in china. Have a whole days sightseeing in jiuzhaigou national park accompanied by your tour guide. Jiuzhaigou, jiuzhaigou valley, jiuzhaigou photos, pictures. After 45 hour tour in huanglong scenic area, have another 3hour drive and get to jiuzhaigou scenic area, 90km northwest of huanglong. The name jiuzhaigou means the ravine with nine villages, so named because there were originally nine tibetan villages there.

I then make my way to spend 3 days in jiuzhaigou nat. Jiuzhaigou valley scenic and historic interest area. Jiuzhaigou valley, jiuzhaogou scenic spot, nine village valley. George lu, creative commons in autumn, jiuzhaigou valley becomes a colorful landscape.

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