Nsdatadetector phone number objective c

Currently the nsdatadetector class can match dates, addresses, links, phone numbers. Nsdatadetector detecting phone number text objectivec nsdatadetector datadetectortypes. Nsdatadetector foundation apple developer documentation. Nsdatadetector comes with prebuilt matching capability for dates, addresses, links, and phone numbers, so you dont have to build your own regex for them. Swift cannot even infer the types, so we need to write quite a bit of verbose code. However, the nstext checking result objects returned by nsdata detector are different from those returned by the base class nsregular expression. For results of type nstext checking type phone number, it is the phone number property instead.

My first thought was to use regular expressions to extract the phone number. For example, scanner can analyze a phone number and break it down into components like this. A specialized regular expression object that matches natural language text for. When initializing nsdatadetector, specify only the types youre interested in because any unused types will only slow you down. The contacts framework provides swift and objective c api to access and create a new contact. As we said earlier, this is an objective c api that comes from the early ios days, so it may look a little bit weird and ugly, but it works. Looking for a great mobile cicd solution that has tons of iosspecific tools, smooth code signing, and even real device testing. A dynamicor mutableset allows the addition and deletion of entries at any time. Results returned by nsdata detector will be of one of the. Those constants can be combined using the c bitwise or operator. As you might expect, running this code produces two results. You establish a static sets entries when its created, and thereafter the entries cant be modified. Objectivec regex to check phone number 4 possible duplicate.

Objectivec regex to check phone number stack overflow. As we said earlier, this is an objectivec api that comes from the early ios days, so it. Its much more relevant to say what libraries youre using cocoa, cocoa touch, poc, etc. Currently, the supported data detectors checking types are. Browse other questions tagged objectivec nsdatadetector datadetectortypes or ask your own question. Nsdatadetector detecting phone number text stack overflow. This framework is optimized for threadsafe, readonly usage. How to detect a url in a string using nsdatadetector free swift. The following code fragment finds all the matches for links and phone numbers in a string. Matching natural language text for predefined data. Phone numbers, urls, and datestimes are likely to be recognized without an issue. The supported checking types are a subset of the types nstext checking result.

The contact class cncontact has a mutable subclass cnmutablecontact for use to modify contact properties like phone numbers, email addresses, an array of cnlabeledvalue objects. The easiest way i can explain this problem is with. Nsdatadetector the nsdatadetector class reference was. We need to use the rawvalues of the types, and we need to or them together.

The reasonable solution used and tested for years in many, many huge volume apps. Nstext checking type date, nstext checking type address, nstext checking type link, nstext checking type phone number, and nstext checking type transit information. Nsorderedset foundation apple developer documentation. Objectivec itself is a very minimal language that barely does anything for you certainly not regular expressions. Nsordered set declares the programmatic interface for static sets of distinct objects. Currently the nsdata detector class can match dates, addresses, links, phone numbers and transit information the results of matching content is returned as nstext checking result objects. Nsmutable ordered set, on the other hand, declares a programmatic interface for dynamic sets of distinct objects. Initializes a scanner object and changes its characterstobeskipped default.

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